Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Phrosty D - MODDRN KLAZZIX (ballads of a modest narcissist)

Read that title, mate?

That there is the title of my eagerly awaited album with all my biggest hits!

The 150 disks with the album print came today.

I paid Oasis CD team to fully remaster 5 songs so far with perhaps 2 or 3 more ahead when I can afford it.

On all other songs I have been doing my own post-production.

Printer on this day has also arrived.  I can print my own tracklist, artwork inserts, and possibly front cover.

Although I was debating, instead, hand markering a graffiti design for the cover.

A product bar code with the caption "priceless" can be stamped on the release with a stamp I bought off Etsy.

I also purchased 5 double disk wood CD boxes, these were more pricey so probably for deluxe edition.

It looks like cardstock disk sleeves are more economical, so that may be the standard packaging.

Explicit Content stickers will be stuck on "dirty" versions of the album.

I just can't wait to get my product off the shelves and into your luscious ears and radium hearts!