Monday, February 22, 2021

Verb, It's whatcha do!

I've been giving more of myself to those in my life.  Thinking of what I can do not what I can get.  We live in a very egocentric consumer culture.  The best way not to buy into all that garbage is the verb.  "Verb, It's whatcha do!"

P.S. I am perfecting my fusion techno and mastering 3 new cover songs ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Audiomack (for listeners) - paid subscription review


I have to say I am very delighted with Audiomack!  While it is true it has less major big leagers than Spotify, Deezer, and iHeart Radio they are bridging the gap getting more major label acts such as The Killers, Eminem, Korn, Snails, Vybes Kartel, even some Adele, and of course: K. Sparks, and now many of the verified vets (classic masters).  Ah geez, I've almost forgot, most of my own recorded music is hosted on Audiomack now!  Check it out "Super Hits of Phrosty D" playlist.  Rap/Hip-Hop and Dancehall are still the primary base, but other genres are a growing presence.  I would say second to dancehall & rap, EDM is going very strong on Audiomack!  The built in equalizer is adjustable and the presets themselves are pretty good.  You still might want to supplement an indie equalizer/booster.  I am also stoked that it imported all the music I had physically in my phone having synced a considerable amount of my owned library to my phone.  It stacks up pretty good, and the discounted price $5/month is definitely a selling point.  Indie do-it-yourselfer-artists LOVE Audiomack as it has no pay-wall (unlimited uploads)  Frankly the paid listener package gives SoundCloud Go+ a run for its money.  It feels more straightforward to use than SoundCloud though the SoundCloud Go+ does currently have the bigger mainstream library.  I would give Audiomack 3 and a half out of 5 stars. 

p.s. about half a year after I wrote this review Audiomack started to require payment through Google and not plain old debit card

And that didn't impress me!!!