Thursday, March 25, 2021

Presently Perfect

We are all doing our best.  Bad deeds exist because life is hard for everyone.  Some know how to take the inherent struggles of life and turn it into strength of character.  For those who do wrong by others, well you can never grasp another person's consciousness.  Maybe it isn't really their fault after all.  I don't have all the answers.  Most days I try really really hard to be the first example.  Life is too short to bear grudges, too short to feel guilty, and pick things apart until you're pulling your hair out.  Take a breather, tell yourself you deserve to be happy.  Treat yourself to a slice of the unicorn cake!  You are the star player!

I amplify this truth: that we as humans, and even some animals are more alike than we are different.  Every form of life serves a function dreamt by our creator.  We live in our consciousness, not our brains alone.  The movie of your life eventually fades to black.  But positive acts of love are eternal.  The time we had is not gone!

As an aspiring young man I want to walk with that love, it will bless us all infinitely.  Happiness is not limited.  And misery will have an end.  If you feel as though you cannot see past the smoke and mirrors... If you feel that you are trapped in an endless maze... That is everyone at some point, but it gets better I promise!  Life will be great, and the good times will always be with you, plus there is no price tag on happiness.

Share your gifts!  You are stronger than you know.