Sunday, August 29, 2021


It didn't work out with the girl.  And well - That's Life!  I still keep an optimistic eye on the horizon.  Honest to God, I have a barrel load of home making and conversational skills.  I'm a catch!

I am learning instrument repair techniques, and even building instruments.  My father and I are building a tongue drum in his woodshop.  Sally and Dad gave me some pointers on my music - try to stick to theme and keep it circular and not too weird.  So I am listening to the Beach Boys for some inspiration.

The CAGED guitar system clicked more for me the other day.  I could understand it more and things are going to change for my guitar pickin' I can feel it - I'ma git better & I'ma git paid!

Furthermore, I'ma git that full time job.  Mark "Moxxie" Anderson said: "Hard work's how it's made."

Moxx, he also dropped a track in which he shouts "If Christ can save Moxxie, he can save you too!"  Yessir, Mark - I like that, that sticks with me.

Mark was the one who explained Christ died to shoulder the weight of sin.  By Christ's infinite love there is none of our actions so evil that we will be damned.  Believe in the love and power of God - our God goes above and beyond in grace.

I haven't always been all about Jesus.  But I find comfort in his works and words.  Passages from the Book of Luke mean a great lot to me.  Show the same love and open ears to non-believers or people with different faiths too.  Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the light."  But there's nothing in his words about just blaming and guilting people.  He taught us not to be hypocrites and to give and share of our talents.

Christ speaks to children, teens, newbie adults, advanced adults, later years adults, and graduate adults.  Let his love open the door to your heart.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021


Whatta U call it when you break-up & get back together again with your girl 4 times in the same year at the same skatepark?

XBOX 360!!!