Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Stayin' Alive

Mr. Bhanje kicked it oldschool with me last weekend!  We played mancala and halo 3.  He also drove me to a record store and I brought 2 primo CDs.  ( a good worker he is too & generous to boot )

Mr. Bhanje is a fan of world-pop, vapor-wave, and modern-indie.  He plays all the most lit jams on his pandora on these drives.  Some time back we also said hi to Mike and Tony, and Freddie.  

Tony is a stout lad with a mean arm at throwing a football.  Mike is a kind old trickster with a contagious laugh.  Freddie is a hugger but also the strong silent type.  Me, I'm a chef with a pour sense of irony and an aversion to geese.