Thursday, November 25, 2021

Space Age Thanksgiving

YAY!! Thanksgiving and I got real paid 🙌😻

My bro from the eldin days - Mac is booking a residency at apartment del Neu; Keep the smart on.

I have a surprise single for my Phrosty D spotify station brewing blissfully; Sleep the cart on.

Maybe [ENTRY41] I've a muse with much ado sum with my sensory soup recording.

The 3 easiest guitar chords to switch from major to minor are A D and E so said someone supposedly Sam

Bubblegum and Caviar with we wot not wixed so then unsubscribed from premium unspoken.

YAY!! Feeding grief to the Lions 🙌😻 



Saturday, November 20, 2021

Hommie MP4 Player, Touch Screen, Bluetooth MP3 Player Compatible Video, Games, TM1B 16GB Black REVIEW

I was struck by the MP3 player's packaging - quite nice!  Opening it up I was excited.  Could this be the insanely deluxe MP3 of my dreams?  Not. Even. Close.  Lag in scrolling my music library; Albums being lumped together; Shuffle Mode - PERMANENTLY ON!!!  Oh boy, games lmfao they're the shittiest flash games you could ever imagine and they barely work.  One of them is just a simulation of playing rock/paper/scissors... mind blowing... and if you even wanted to play these shitty games you cannot do so while listening to your music, it's one or the other, apples or sewage!  I loaded my device with some photos and found it squeezes each frame to Hommie's exact screen size, Yao why you gotta play me like that???

OK    OK    OK

So what's the good news?  Well the physical device is small but feels dense.  I like that it has some heft and the buttons have a satisfying click.  Good sound and battery life.  You can play Flac, even surprisingly the Zune and iPod audio formats annnd this next feature is my favorite - you can speed up or slow down a song with variable speed playback tool and the sound quality stays good in the selected speed.  If you create a playlist (you can create 5) consecutive play feature actually works properly in this setting and it also graces me by working when playing music on my TF expansion card - sold separately.  But on the devices own memory you are permanently on shuffle.  The TF card library doesn't display an artist list though so tracks are all lumped together.  Well at least the MP4 video player can function at a low enough bitrate.  This device has a vibrant display, but with your photos contorted what's the point?  I think I just kept one photo.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, the era in which a great MP3 player was all the rage is years past.  But shucks, now they are at least a novelty!  I made my own apple logo decal for the back so I'm not embarrassed that I actually enjoy this makeshift iPod.   

So if you want a half shitty / half pretty OK MP3 player - look out for your Hommie!
You can place an order online with Walmart.  Go figure.

after typing this review I found out you get proper sequential play and artists albums if you tap the Folder icon.  This device is still janky in ways like the lackluster touchy clunky interface which is a shame because the hardware and sound are great.  

Not really sure who I'm trying to reach with these random reviews, but my step mother bought the Sandisk Sport Clip Go Plus which I also reviewed.  She says she enjoys the pod and that makes me glad.  I think in this review my aim was to make people laugh.  
It feels like even computers are getting buggier and more irksome than I remember.  Glitches of the modular space age.

Don'tcha see me I got my back against the record machine.  I ain't the worst that you've seen.  Oh can'tcha see what I mean.