Sunday, April 17, 2022

Dear Duckies

I've been practicing a song called Surf Board Riding High.  I sail-surfed in boy scouts when I was a teenager.  I am going to get my fishing license!

Weird to say, but I am using lynsterine to treat my skatbroad wheels seeing as how they've rain rusted recently.  They'll be even moore tubular after I've returned from Cyrax Heights.

I've made 3 kazoo, but to make another smiling mantis I need another U-pipe.

There is no neat little bow on most of my fictional stories.  But, here are some,

Lazer Blast 33 fathoms burnt.  For Penwhip become a Burned Bridge.  Thunder's past brags hurt.   

Punch limes in the Punch line at Tumbler Wheat.

Egg's and Spam for my invisible family just because.

When you attack the joke's on you.



Saturday, April 9, 2022

Mafia 2

What is doing the right thing?  Does that look the same day by day?

When do we know if we've been dooped verses just entertain the idea in our imaginations...

Things don't always just work out or work righr or work easy.

Am I tripping?  Whatever

I had a girl I really cared for Kattie.

I have friends.

I'm broke as shit with a lot of ambition.

The board grab feels so damn good with the wind singing through my hair.

I'm kind and kind of a Richard.  I look at our same picture but too many of the same parts.


Sunday, March 6, 2022


My "Donny The Neoclassic" website has migrated to domain.

I've also decided to start over the "My Story" page from scratch, but I backed up the writing as it were to an Apache Open Office document, and so in this way not entirely murdering my darlings.

It has been a beautiful clusterfuck becoming who I am (now aged 30).

I am a good man, and I am loved.  These things are true.  I understand nobody sits at their steak dinner thinking of just me doing something dumb or embarrassing.

Time to go with the flow!  And I really, really know good things are coming my way.


*p.s. I've been enjoying some free games library from GOG gaming website.

*p.s. I've started a new paintings. 

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Accepting Christ

I am accepting Christ all over again though he never left my side.  I forgot his love and turned away because I thought he didn't care and I'd be stronger, more capable on my own.  I'm still holding the wheel and always was, but I know now I'm just not strong enough on my own.  Thank you Jesus for being my solace and deliverer from disrupting hurts, hang-ups, and habits.  I know you, my Lord shouldered the weight and debt of sin so I don't have to.  I know you will keep me safe and that your love is unconditional.  I may have forgotten, I may have been stubborn, but I am loved by my heavenly maker.  

Saturday, January 22, 2022


I told myself someday I'll do a tell all memoire.

Open up all my wounds to come to the rest of the worlds' rescue.

In the mirror I felt like Atlas that day, holding up this lead shroud.

I am still vanquishing my fear.

Lets just say you got to be positive and self aware.

I am the masterpiece, and yet I'll always be a work in progress.