Sunday, July 24, 2022

So Said Solomon, Softball Sayer - Slowly Softly Soothingly

I have been writing rap lyrics and meanwhile creating drumline and guitar recordings for a different project.  On my walk yesterday, I practiced singing.  I found you should always enunciate but emphatic enunciation when singing in the much higher range, helps even more.  Consonants being exaggerated can perfect imperfection.  Also, it can give you a side quest as a vocalist and entertainer.  One of the compliments I've received as a singer is that listeners can always understand what I'm singing/rapping.  I sing soulfully, improve & work with what I got, yet keep it light even when a subject is heavy!

I have a lovely new friend in my life.  She lives a ways a way, but thankfully, we have plenty of phone calls.  I guess that is another adventure in the making!  

Metaphorically, I'm first at bat.  It is on me to watch the pitch, read the field, run the plates, and slide on home.  Kindness, love, empathy, ambition, calmness and smart thinking - are all rewarded.  You didn't hear that from a rookie!  You heard that from Donald Neu(jah homeboy talker, MC annnd fly walker: Phrosty D.)