Friday, August 5, 2022

Aromatherapy in HD

I finished The Ballad of Icarus, so getting it ready for launch on streaming media!..  

Working to get really strong muscles to support my frame.

I went for a nice long walk yesterday evening as I bumped my favorite jams!..

And then, playing Yoshi's Wooly World was another treat entirely.

I have been enjoying iPad and added Twitch app.

Technicolor Light is a DJ, making really uplifting music, I discovered on Twitch!!!

Showing myself a lot of the ropes in iZotope as I remaster my 8dreamixes.

It is a powerful program, it runs smoothly, easy to use, and gets results!.. 

2 new originals going public on Spotify soon.

The Ballad of Icarus, which is in post production via Oasis CD online.

Speed Queen, which I have remastered myself.

I still need to create the appropriate artwork for these works.

Yesterday's walk was a real journey, I snapped some beautiful photos!..

I love being adventurous I really do.

A can of NOS energy and a hiker-nature-music-high is smarter for me than a bowl of the devil's lettuce.