Monday, August 22, 2022

iTunes in 2022

If you've read my blog or we've interacted, you'd likely know I love the old-school!  

The latest thing I've checked out was the functionality of iTunes now in 2022.

So, I used my iPad and redeemed a couple Apple gift cards.

I bought both a musical album and a movie on iTunes.

The album downloaded to both iTunes and Windows Media Player without issue.

To view the movie, I bought a USB-Type-C-To-HDMI adapter, and I was able to watch, "The Batman" on my living room TV. 

iTunes basically portals you to Apple TV for movies and TV.  It didn't look like you could view directly from iTunes.  To me, this appears to hurt the ease of use through a PC.  On an iPad it's pretty slick, though!  It was pretty easy, and the picture was good.  I loved that I didn't need to unlock my iPad to pause/resume the movie.

Friday, August 5, 2022

Aromatherapy in HD

I finished The Ballad of Icarus, so getting it ready for launch on streaming media!..  

Working to get really strong muscles to support my frame.

I went for a nice long walk yesterday evening as I bumped my favorite jams!..

And then, playing Yoshi's Wooly World was another treat entirely.

I have been enjoying iPad and added Twitch app.

Technicolor Light is a DJ, making really uplifting music, I discovered on Twitch!!!

Showing myself a lot of the ropes in iZotope as I remaster my 8dreamixes.

It is a powerful program, it runs smoothly, easy to use, and gets results!.. 

2 new originals going public on Spotify soon.

The Ballad of Icarus, which is in post production via Oasis CD online.

Speed Queen, which I have remastered myself.

I still need to create the appropriate artwork for these works.

Yesterday's walk was a real journey, I snapped some beautiful photos!..

I love being adventurous I really do.

A can of NOS energy and a hiker-nature-music-high is smarter for me than a bowl of the devil's lettuce.