Saturday, November 12, 2022

Blue Yoshi

I have gained a lot of talent working with the brewery and feel right at home.  Working with great people makes work less work and more of a destination or even a stage.  Sometimes I bust a groove or sling along like maybe I'm a Leo.  The point is positivity is a skill and so is the ability to relax at the back burners.  A little bit of creative mindset.  Its not all easy nor perfect nor painless.  But just to remember those are teachers and these are family. 

There aren't so many compartments.  We seem to create the partitions in our minds.  

Ultimately it is all life, So let's make the good memories, So let's keep an awareness of the indisputable fact that we are loved, Regardless of whichever house the sorting cap placed you, You are! No bull. If you forgot love, well that is a very harsh landscape, now I'm just reminding us of that, We are loved, Growing into the people were are created to be more and more fully every day, take all the tries you need. 

it's an adventure,

Steak Theory